It is election time in Malaysia! Political parties vie for power: making promises, staging protests, re-drawing constituency lines. Who will win Putrajaya?

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Based off the popular card game, POLITIKO casts you in the role of a political party strategist. Help your coalition secure the support of the rakyat. Crush your opponents. Give out envelopes of cash, summon phantom voters, deploy the Special Branch!

Remember – if you don’t play dirty, the opposition will.


  • Card-based gameplay evokes the uncertainty of Malaysian party politics. The situation may shift at any moment!
  • Hex-map simulates the political landscape. Choose which seats to win or lose. Gerrymander wisely!
  • Play as one of two political factions: the factitious People’s Hope Coalition, or the monolithic United Nationalists Front!
  • Over 50 unique political schemes to use against your enemies, each dirtier than the last - yet oh-so-familiar!


In 2013, just before Malaysia’s 13th General Election, visual artist Mun Kao created POLITIKO as a fun way to teach players - and himself - about the ins and outs of Malaysian party politics.

The card game has been a surprise hit: spanning multiple reprints; two editions; an expansion set; a number of spin-offs.

Now, on the cusp of Malaysia’s 14th General Election, Centaur Games proudly presents POLITIKO in digital form!

This version of the game heavily foregrounds issues of gerrymandering and malapportionment in electoral boundaries. Malaysia is one of the most malapportioned democracies in the world. A vote in Putrajaya is worth over 8 times more a vote in Damansara.

For more information about malapportionment and gerrymandering, check out Ooi Kok Hin’s essay: “How Malaysia’s Election Is Being Rigged”.

For pointers on how you can get involved, contact advocacy groups like Tindak Malaysia.


Centaur Games is studio based in Malaysia. We explore games design in and about the Southeast Asian context.

Most known for POLITIKO: The Card Game of Malaysian Politics, Centaur is also behind A Thousand Thousand Islands, a research project about medieval, pre-colonial Southeast Asia.


Designed and Produced by Centaur Games
Developed by NightMorning